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Die cuts of hook & loop tape

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Die cuts of hook & loop tape Die cuts of hook & loop tape Die cuts of hook & loop tape
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Durable and versatile application: Hook and loop tapes are not only used in textile industry, but also in a variety of other industries, where a closure system is needed, which can be closed and reopened again. Our twinned die cuts of hook and loop tape have a length of 150 mm and a width of 20 mm. Both components are made of high quality polyamide, also known as nylon.


Both sides, hook and loop tape, are backed with a modified rubber adhesive and covered with a white liner. This adhesive provides an initial tack on a variety of surfaces and a good adhesion at steady room temperature.

Tips & Advice

After some time, it appears that yarn residues, hairs and lint effect the connection between the hook and loop tape. These residues can be removed with a brush or a vacuum cleaner to improve the strength of the combination.


  • Mounting of banners
  • Fixation of cushions


  Dimensions Units
20 mm x 150 mm 1.000 pieces / bag, in bulk

The white liner is slightly wider than the tape to create a fingerlift for easy peeling. The pre-cut die cuts are cut separately to a bag.

We also supply other hook and loop products like hook and loop coins or self-adhesive tapes.


Our die cuts of hook and loop tape are available in black or white.

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