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File System with Prongs - 4 partsKK 751

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KK 751 File System with Prongs - 4 parts KK 751 File System with Prongs - 4 parts bundled sheets in folder
Benchmark data
  • Adhesion on cellophaned surfaces
  • Easy processing by hand
  • Clean press cut without burrs
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product description

You can’t imagine folder production without self-adhesive file systems. They are composed of four components: the baseplate with the self-adhesive backside, the coated metalic file prong and the perforated compressor bar, composed of PVC.  The four-part file system have an additional filing strip for filing bundled sheets into folders, in contrast to the three-part file systems.


The baseplate’s backside is provided with a full-faced modified acrylic adhesive and offers a high tack on almost any material. The adhesive features a good aging-, temperature- and UV-resistance.

Easy processing by hand

To facilitate the manual processing, the liner has a flap for an easy removing of the protective paper.

Tips & Advices

Print a mark with the size of the baseplate in the folders you would like to process. It eases the manual application of the file system and ensures the exact positioning. You save time – and thereby money.


  • Folder production, even on cellophaned surfaces
  • Bundling of loose sheet

Quality features

K+K Klebetechnik is leading in market considering the following quality features:

  • High tack of the adhesive implies secure hold of the baseplate
  • Clean press cut without burrs, to prevent injuries while processing manually or damaging the sheets while filing
  • Rounded edges of baseplates and compressor bars

Technical Data


150 mm x 16 mm, PVC

150 mm x 20 mm, PVC

file prong

140 mm x 5 mm, metal, coated

140 mm x 5 mm, metal, coated

compressor bar

100 mm x 12 mm, PVC

100 mm x 12 mm, PVC



white, black


modified acrylic

modified acrylic

packaging unit

250 pieces/ box, in bulk

250 pieces/ box, in bulk


The file systems are delivered assembled and are boxed by hand. To warrant the correct quantity per box, the controll is processed by weight. To guarantee the right box quantity, we always add some extra pieces to every box. You need only individual components? Alongside assembled file systems, we provide individual parts as well. Please have a look at our range for further file system supplies.

Special Services

Upon request we provide our file systems on sheets for easy distributing and portioning. You can receive the self-adhesive file systems custom-made wound up on a roll. Also the baseplates and compressor bars are available with inprints, e.g. with your company logo.


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