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File system supplies

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file system supplies

File systems for filing documents

Next to the classical folders, the loose-leaf binders are the most common product for archiving documents. You normally use the self-adhesive version of the file system with 3 or 4 parts for this application and compressor bars and file prongs as accessories. This file system is available in various colors and variations to perfectly fit the product to your folder or brochure.

The file system is available with and without filing strip. File systems are used for brochures, presentation folders, sales documents, image- and tender folders and are available in the dimension 150 x 16 mm and 150 x 20 mm, with or without filing strip. Additionally, the various components of the file system are available as separate file prongs and compressor bars.


Next to the classic application in tender folders, these systems are used preferably in bank statement folders. The compressor bars can be easily attached to the file prong for this application. According to your request, the file prongs are available with a plastic coating or coated in white color, with or without end caps and if requested, also self-adhesive.

Normally they are white and made of metal. The file prongs have a standard length of 160 mm in the white colored version or a total length of 165 mm in the plastic-coated version with end caps. The compressor bars are normally available with the dimension of 95 x 12 mm or even 120 x 12 mm and are made of white, rigid PVC. In addition to the file prongs and the compressor bars, a white or clear filing strip is attached.

These filing strips have 2 or 4 eyelets and are available in the self-adhesive version or in the version with slits. It depends on the application, whether they should get stuck into tender folders or just inserted in a presentation folder. The filing strip is also made of rigid PVC with a hole distance of 80 mm.

We will be happy to advise you about the filing of documents and to guide you for choosing the right product.