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Manual Work

Special orders and customised products

Manual Work - Special orders and customised products

Manual work:

You haven’t found the suitable product for your application in our standard product range? No problem, we would be happy to help you developing our products special for your application.

We realize your needs with the following technical possibilities:


Cutting - flexible regarding the widthK+K Klebetechnik - Schneiden

Using the most modern technology, we cut our adhesive tapes to your required width. We are able to manufacture a variety of tapes starting from a width of 3 mm.


Rewinding – sometimes size matters

There are many reasons, why the original length is not suitable for your application. Therefore we rewind our adhesive tapes to your favored length. It doesn’t matter whether you need handy short rolls for your manual assembling or long rolls for mechanical processing: we provide you with the perfect product for your needs within the realms of possibility.


If this is not enough for you, then we recommend



Bobbins – Safe time and money due to reducing the change of rolls

We cross-wind many of our single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes for you with or without fingerlift, to allow a continuous production.  A reduction of changeover times and rejections saves money and time. Depending on the material and the width, it is possible to realize rolls with a length up to 60 km. Also shorter bobbins of double-sided adhesive tape help you optimize your working processes. We would also be happy to advise you the required equipment.




Die cutting – the surpreme discipline of finishing

Why do you want to cut by your own, when you can get your adhesive product perfectly prepared as required? We produce single-sided adhesive and double-sided adhesive discs, rectangular pieces and also complex forms with modern flat punchers and fast rotary cutting machines. We are often able to simplify the further processing by attaching a fingerlift liner to the cut pieces or by covering certain parts of your adhesive products. We supply your individual die cut on rolls, on sheets or as single pieces in a box.



Laminating – everything is bondable

To equip your non-adhesive product with an adhesive film, we attach or laminate various materials with your preferred adhesive tape, to provide you with a special and individual product. Please contact us, we will advise you our technical possibilities.



Tailor made products – Preparation is everything

We offer our products not only on rolls, but also tailor made them according to your demands.  You need for example 4 adhesive discs on one pad, packed in a small plastic bag, double-sided tape as 3 meter rolls or 6 elastic buffers, which you want to attach to your case? Or do you want to improve the design of your packages with your individual printed packaging tape?

We are happy to discuss your wishes and supply you the product specially designed for your application.


Factory of ideas - K+K Klebetechnik

Send us your ideas and requirements. Our creative staff will work out some proposals to realize your individual product. Please contact us and we will arrange a non-binding consultation.