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Extensions for Binding ScrewsKK 1103

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KK 1103 Metallic brass extensions
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  • Noble metallic look
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product description

Brass coated extensions for binding screws are used, when you want to add more documents to your bookbinding screw than the normal filling level. You can combine these extensions with all of our binding screws, to be flexible in the required filling level at any time.


The extension has a shaft-diameter of 5 mm. With its thread it can be screwed together with the shaft of the binding screw. The standardized M4 inner thread at the other side can be combined with the head screw.

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  • Robust bundling of sheets

Quality features

The important quality feature is a clean cut screw thread without metal chips to guarantee an easy closing and opening. Therefore we pay attention to high production standards to supply a first-class product.


You can receive shaft extensions with following filling levels:

10 mm | 15 mm | 20 mm | 25 mm | 30 mm

Bookbinding screw extensions are packed by 1.000 pcs in a bag. We also repack the product in smaller or bigger units on request.
We also stock nickel and brass plated binding screws and a version made of plastic.


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