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Hook & Loop Products

Hook and Loop products


A special variation for mounting is the principle of hook and loop fasteners. Self-adhesive or sew on hook and loop products are used in many industrial and ordinary applications. Inspired by nature, hook and loop products are used where frequent opening and closing cycles are required.

Basically two components are used for the closure, which interlock. Normally hook and loop products consist of a hook tape and a loop tape. While pressing the two materials together, the hooks grab the small loops. This results in a strong connection, which can be easily unfastened by pulling the tapes apart sideways.

Hook and loop products are made of synthetic fibers as polyamide, polypropylene or polyester. To meet the various requirements different variations of hook and loop tapes were developed over the time, which differ in their characteristics like thickness, peel strength, tear strength or shear strength. Next to the standard hook and loop connection there are also for example mushroomhead and velour tapes, which are common in industry.

These tapes are characterized by a strong adhesive force, tear strength and shear strength, depending on the tape. Our standard range includes sew on hook and loop products and self-adhesive products. Self-adhesive hook and loop products are backed with an adhesive, suitable for the individual application.

Therefore the choice of the right product depends on the application. Depending on the adhesive and the type of hook and loop, the characteristics change and therefore also the field of application. Furthermore, our hook and loop products are also available in various colors and as hook and loop discs. To ensure that you choose the right hook and loop product, we recommend a professional advice from our application technicians. There are also hook and loop tapes and discs available on request, which are not included in our standard range.

Your individuaal contact person will help you extensively. All products which are supplied by our company are of high quality and fair prices.

Magnetic products

Beside our hook and loop products we supply magnets in different variations. Whenever a removable connection is needed, magnets are an option. Unlike hook and loop connections, which loose connection strenght after multiple opening and closing, magnetized tapes or discs keep their connection strenght permanently.

Classic permanent magnets are normally used as magnetic tapes or magnetic discs. These magnets are backed with a double-sided adhesive tape with a strap. This allows to stick the magnetic discs for example to folders and boxes. The self-adhesive neodymium magnets are available in various diameters and strenghts. Basically you can differentiate self-adhesive magnetic tapes between isotropic and anisotropic magnets. Isotropic magnetic tapes can be magnetized to any axial direction, therefore they have no preferred direction.

Due to a pre-defined orientation, anisotropic magnetic tapes are magnetized in a specific direction.

If you cut 2 strips from a roll of anisotropic magnetic tape and try to bring them together, they will push away from each other. If you rotate one strip by 180°, the two strips will stick to each other precisely. We also supply tailor-made solutions, super magnets or magnets in ring or block variation on request.