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Manufacturing Equipment

Tape dispenser and adhesive dot dispenser

Effective process of adhesive discs and adhesive tapes


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Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing equipment

We offer a variety of manufacturing equipment for the efficient processing of our adhesive products. When you need to cut your adhesive tape to strips for precise adhesion, we recommend the KK A 900. The KK A 900 is a semi-automatic tape dispenser in the form of a table device.

Single-sided adhesive tapes can be processed as well as double-sided adhesive tapes. The adhesive tape roll can be easily attached to the dispenser. You can use the user-friendly keypad to enter the required length of the adhesive strip,and the tape will be cut precisely to the required length and will automatically be spent.

When you pick up one strip by hand, the next strip will be automatically pushed forward. Next to the practical, digital counter and the possibility to save up to six different lengths, you have also the option to process two adhesive tapes at the same time. As the KK A 900 measures and cuts the tape for you, It is not surprising that this tape dispenser is one of our most popular devices.

A different possibility is to apply double-sided adhesive tapes with a hand dispenser. We stock the hand dispenser of the company 3M with cutting device and optional side handle for exact applying and ideal contact pressure. Furthermore we offer the 3M Scotch ATG 700 hand dispenser for the application of transfer tapes.

We offer these special adhesive tapes for the ATG dispenser in various dimensions and adhesive strengths. The transfer tape is wound on small cores and has no carrier material. Simply place the hand dispenser to the surface to apply the thin adhesive film directly. The counterpart can be bonded directly, there is no liner that has to be released.

For accurate adhesive application, we recommend our glue tape rollers. These small tape rollers are also equipped with an adhesive transfer film. These one-way dispenser are the ideal choice to hand out to many workers. Next to a permanent version we are able to supply a removable adhesive tape.

Also single-sided adhesive tapes can be efficiently processed with our devices. Normally our robust hand dispensers are used for sealing cartons. If you want to use water activated tapes, you have the choice between a mechanical or automatic water activated tape dispenser. You also find adhesive disc dispenser and label dispenser in our product range.

Here you can choose low-priced metal table-dispenser, which release the adhesive disc from the silicone paper by pulling over the dispensing edge. The adhesive disc can be picked up very easily afterwards. The semi-automatic version is the label dispenser E 100. This label dispenser spends single-sided and double-sided adhesive discs from the roll.

We will be pleased to send you our manufacturing equipment free of charges for testing.