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Packaging industry


Packaging industry

Welcome to Packaging Solutions: Tear Tapes, Siliconized Paper, and Adhesive Tapes for the Packaging Industry.

In the modern packaging industry, tear tapes and adhesive tapes play a crucial role. They are not only functional components but also essential elements that can make the difference between good and excellent packaging.

Our classic tear tape for paper and corrugated board, EzeeRip, our paper-based EkoRip, and our EzeeTear for flexible packaging are produced with the highest precision and quality by our partner Bagla.

Tear Tapes: Efficiency and User-Friendliness

Tear tapes, also known as rip tapes or tear strips, are special bands or strips integrated into the packaging to facilitate opening. These strips are made of robust material like plastic or reinforced paper and are designed to be opened with a uniform pull without damaging the packaging or contents.

Key benefits include:

User-Friendliness: One of the biggest advantages of tear strips is the improved user experience. Customers do not need to handle scissors or knives to access their goods, reducing the risk of injury and product damage.

Safety and Protection: Tear strips provide an additional layer of security. As the strips are firmly integrated into the packaging, it is immediately apparent if a package has been tampered with. This increases customer trust in the integrity of their orders.

Efficiency: For companies, using tear strips means faster and more efficient packaging and handling. This can lead to cost savings in packaging and shipping.

Sustainability: Modern tear strips are often made from recyclable materials, making them more environmentally friendly. Companies focusing on sustainable packaging solutions can improve their environmental footprint this way.

Thanks to our long-standing market expertise and over 40 years of production experience with our partner, the Bagla Group, we offer you the optimal solution for your application.

Ask us also about release liners (siliconized paper), double-sided adhesive tapes for splicing and carton sealing, as well as adhesive products for display construction.

Rippatape available while supplies last!