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Self-adhesive slide binders

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Slide Binders DIN A4, PET-plastic Slide Binder with sheets Slide Binder with documents
Benchmark data
  • Durable PET plastic
  • Binding method for documents without punched holes
  • Rounded edges for easy filling
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product description

Slide binders are the perfect binding solution for documents without punched holes or loose sheets. Our self-adhesive slide binders are made of flexible, transparent PET plastic and help you filing your application documents, term papers or menu cards. With a filling level of 3 mm, it is possible to file up to 30 DIN A4 sheets. The rounded edges support an easy handling, as the documents can be easily attached to the binder.


The back of our slide binders is equipped with a strong adhesive tape, which is covered with a brown liner. After releasing the liner, the self-adhesive slide binders are perfectly prepared to stick it to your folder. The high adhesive strength ensures a durable and permanent bonding on the surface.


  • Term papers
  • Bundling of sheets
  • Binding method for documents without punched holes

Quality features

Dimensional stability and a high adhesion – these are the quality features which are the most important for us.


 dimensions material & color units
297 mm x 15 mm PET-plastic, self-adhesive, transparent 200 pieces, in bulk

We supply our self-adhesive slide binders in bulk. There are always 200 pieces per bag.

You are looking for a different method to file your documents? We also stock various filing systems. Please have a look at our further file system supplies.

Special Services

In addition to transparent slide binders, we offer PVC versions in the following colors on request: white, black, red, green, yellow, dark blue and blue.

We also repack our slide binders to other box quantities according to your wishes.


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